The Polysciences, founded in 2003, provides Quality Assurance & Quality Control Services to a number of leading National and Multinational Oil and Gas companies, Valve, Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Non Ferrous, Soil, Plastic, Electronic, Aeronautic, Boilers industries, Power Plants and so on.

Polysciences operates all over India through their professional employees and representative offices to cover entire Indian territory with Head office at Chennai. Polysciences proudly represents as well as offers inspection services all over India.
  Elvatech Ltd., Ukraine   Imperium Inc., USA
  For their Premium Products of ELVATECH Hand Held X-ray Analysers( PMI ) and   Desk top XRF units for the Alloy, Forging, Gold, Mining, Plastic, Electronics   industries and metal powder manufacturers, welding, electrode  manufacturers ,   foundries and so on.

   For their Ultrasonic Imaging video camera for real time image of defect from the sub surface, honey    comb, delamination, weld and defects under 5 inches wall thickness. Replaces the conventional    ultrasonic instruments using Pulse Echo patented DAV technology.

  SPI instruments Inc., USA   NDT Inspection Services
  For their Thermal Imaging Camera for wide applications of building inspection ,
  Industrial , electrical , motor , health , boiler industries , power plants.

   We also provide the inspection services of PMI , UT ,MPT, DPT,Ultrasonic Flaw detection, Thermo    graphy inspections etc using these latest technology Instruments covering Aeronautical, Petroleum,    Chemical, Mineral, Steel Agricultural, Food, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Polymer,Steel, Forging,
   Foundries & so on .